Diamond Online - Version 3.4
Web-Accessible Diamond-Like Structure Generator

Made available by the Doren Research Group, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at the University of Delaware
  If you use the structures generated via this page in publications and/or presentations, please include an appropriate citation:
Diamond lattice generator 3.4 (web-interface, http://turin.nss.udel.edu/research/diamondonline.html), J. T. Frey and D. J. Doren, University of Delaware, Newark DE, 2011.

Atomic Basis1:
Cell Replication Count in (i,j,k)2:  ,,

  1. By default this generates actual diamond; however, with silicon and germanium adopting the same cell, you may substitute either element for the carbon!
  2. The cell is replicated i times in the a1 direction, j times in the a2 direction, and k times in the a3 direction.

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