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Since my first course in Applesoft BASIC back in 8th grade, I've been hooked on computer programming. Over the years I've worked with a large number of languages, libraries, frameworks, modules, etc. This page summarizes some of my projects, and includes links to some of the more extensively-documented ones.




The gqueue utility simplifies the task of submitting computational jobs to a Grid Engine job scheduler by analyzing input file(s) and writing the qsub script on the user's behalf. Read more.


The IPF firewall software (used in Solaris) has a little-used feature that allows one to write rules that will attempt to build a packet disposition by passing the packet (headers only or headers and payload) to a program running outside the kernel. The userland program filters packets based on an arbitrarily-large list of allowed IP addresses resident in a Postgres database. Read more.

University of Delaware carillons

One staple of daily life at the University of Delaware is the chimes which play on the hour from 8 a.m. through 5 p.m -- the carillons. These "bells" have long been virtual: audio files purchased from a vendor and played through amplified speakers on building roofs. Yet even virtual bells age, and the aging hardware and software on which the chimes were being played was slated for replacement. Read more.

Written by Jeff Frey on Monday February 29, 2016
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