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My original web site was a home-grown hunk of PHP that wrapped directories of text files in (circa version 4) HTML and CSS. The web has evolved a lot since 2003, though, and creating my own mechanism for templating simple content into responsive, beautiful HTML 5 and CSS just isn't a project I've got time for. Luckily, I found Bolt — a free CMS that's inline with all the things I've wanted to do in a CMS. Maybe now that I don't need time to write a CMS for myself I'll actually take time to add some content!

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I'm in a pickle, get me outta this jam!

If summer vacation were a hill, we'd be coming down the other side now. With more days behind us than ahead, it's nice to take a look back and see what I've accomplished thus far. As winter gave way to spring I stopped…

Ham Spread

As a kid, every once in a while a tub of slightly shaggy-looking pink spread would appear in our fridge. It would get smeared on crackers or buttered English muffins and disappear pretty quickly. This magical stuff was…

Sweet Italian "Pollo" Sausage

Dinner tonight: homemade sweet Italian sausage slow-grilled over mesquite wood with a side of homemade fettucini. How do I know it was delicious? Juliet asked for seconds and thirds. Over the past few years I've work…

2015 Malbec

From a WinExpert Selection kit containing juice and skins of Argentine Malbec grapes to produce 6 gallons of wine. For Christmas 2015 my wife gave me a wine kit — she knows me so well! I'd produced a Moscato earlier in…

Lonza (Dec 2014)

Ever bought prosciutto? Or (uncooked) salami? They're salumi, the results of the Italian craft of salting and curing meats. A few years ago my wife bought me a book on the topic. To date, I've produced several bat…

Home-made Bacon (Dec 2014)

To date the only product I've cold-smoked is pork belly. For Christmas 2014 I purchased a 14 lb belly, salted it, and cold-smoked it (in my home-made apparatus) over a combination of apple and cherry wood.