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Brand new start My original website that I called the freySide was created back at the turn of the century while I was in graduate school. It contained content that was pertinent to my life at that time: information on personal programming projects, components of my research and thesis, and free-time musings (artwork, poetry). But in 2008 my career and personal life made maintaining an online presence both difficult and moot, from my point of view — that was before Facebook let us all do that so easily. With no update to its content in 7 years, it's time to discard that “time capsule” and move on.

Welcome to the freySite, my new online presence. Often-used aspects of the old site are retained here. New stuff may show up. Who knows what its longevity may be. Such is the lot of a web site managed by me.

2015/03/31 16:12

A Long Sea Voyage

The crashing waves broke on the sand —
  Upon the dunes that line the strand —
Where Neptune's fury pounds ashore
  To knock and rap at childhood's door.
Behind it stand the youthful pools,
  Those Lakes of Blissful Carefree Fools,
Where all who splash in joyful play
  In innocence do pass each day.
And, ignorant, do not surmise
  They soon must leave that paradise.

Thus stood I once, a boy thrust out
  To gaze in wonder thereabout
A wider world than all I'd known
  So suddenly to me was shown.
I left my perch atop the turf
  To caper down into the surf:
Around my feet the tide cajoled,
  The ocean waters, dark and cold,
Did urge me out apiece from land
  Until I could no longer stand.

Calm at first, I sought to gain
  My feet again some hard terrain
Yet with each crest and trough that passed
  Further seaward was I cast.
Just as the ocean grinds to sand
  The margins where it touches land,
So my calm seemed to dissolve
  Against the mighty sea's resolve:
Lost amidst a wide expanse
  Of destiny and circumstance
I foundered long and fought my fate,
  I kicked and paddled full of hate,
Yet all was swallowed by my foe
  The unrelenting current flow.
Until at last, after a length,
  Devoid of any scrap of strength,
Resigned I was that all was through:
  With no more fight what could I do?
I closed my eyes and took a breath
  Assuming now had come my death.

But when I ceased to thrash and swim
  I found the ocean not so grim
For with that breath I stayed afloat:
  Myself, I had become the boat
That saved me from a sodden grave
  Buried deep beneath a wave.